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With the implementation of innovative technologies and effective process management systems, the modern Barkas fish processing plant is able to offer you products with excellent taste, aroma and nutritional properties. The offer of our plant is addressed to all customers interested in fresh and tasty fish. We are able to supply you with fish and fish preserves in wholesale quantities without any problem - our fish processing plant in Kołobrzeg stocks numerous local shops, wholesalers, restaurants, bars and the most popular fryers on the coast.

For us, fish processing is more than just a job - it is a way of life, a passion and a mission, the aim of which is to support our clients in healthy food choices. With our actions, we try to care not only for people, but also for the environment. Our fish processing plant uses special filters and systems to thoroughly clean the by-products of production. We do not pollute the environment, as all harmful substances and unpleasant odours are neutralised in an environmentally friendly manner.


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ryby na desce i natka pietruszki

Smoked fish

filety rybne z farszem

Salted fish

ryby leżące na pokruszonym lodzie

Frozen fish

świeże szare ryby

Fresh fish