Barkas - fish smokehouse in Kołobrzeg

BARKAS has been producing and smoking fish for many years. Its office is located on the central coast, just 5 km from Kołobrzeg, in Obroty. Our fish processing plant provides customers with the highest quality fish and seafood, which come from both Polish and foreign waters. Thorough control over the entire process allows us to guarantee a consistently excellent taste of the offered products.

The fish smokehouse in Kołobrzeg run by us uses fish obtained exclusively from verified suppliers. Over many years of operation, we have established cooperation with trusted companies that practice sustainable marine management. We offer most well-known species of fish, but also the less common ones that delight with taste and freshness. The offer includes fresh and frozen fish as well as excellent smoked and salted products.

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Barkas - top quality fish and fish preserves straight from the Polish sea

We have been operating since 1987 and since then we have continuously invested in the development of the company. We have built a conscious high quality brand. Every day, we make sure that the products ordered from us meet the most sophisticated expectations of consumers. Our rich assortment has been appreciated in Poland and abroad, eg in Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Denmark, and Romania, where we also have our regular customers. The activity of the fish processing plant is based on combining traditional recipes with modern technology. This allows us to optimise the production process and create the best fish products for you.

Shops supplying from our production plant enjoy the appreciation of customers due to the high quality and excellent taste of the products offered. The customers' trust and appreciation of the products we sell is the most important value for us, which we have tried to be faithful to since the opening of our smokehouse.

We have obtained the industry-recognised IFS Food Certificate, which attests to the high quality, hygiene and safety of the production process. It is controlled by regular audits, which confirm the constant care of our employees for the highest quality products. The Kołobrzeg fish processing plant also holds the international MSC sustainable fisheries certificate. The blue MSC mark means that our fish come only from stable, well-managed fisheries.

It also guarantees that they were caught in legal and reliable fisheries and are correctly labelled. It is extremely important that we only source from certified fish suppliers that contribute to sustainable fisheries with their operations.

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Smoked fish

Original flavour and a unique, smoky aroma... In our opinion, smoking brings out the best in fish! Properly smoked fish is excellent on its own - without any additives, sauces or coatings. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers from all over Poland (and beyond) can enjoy the taste of seaside specialities.

Salted fish

Unique in its simplicity, the combination of salt and perfectly fresh fish produces a synergy effect resulting in a product with exceptional taste qualities. We salt our fish in a traditional, tried-and-tested way, taking care of the highest quality of both ingredients - only then will salted fish retain its freshness and acquire the taste that delights our customers from all over Europe.

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Frozen fish

Deep-freezing fish is an excellent way to preserve its freshness for a long time without altering its structure and natural flavour and without the need for additives or preservatives. We warmly encourage wholesalers, shops and restaurants as well as individual customers to purchase the frozen fish we offer.

Fresh fish

The peculiar aroma of fried, baked or grilled fish is the quintessence of summer at the seaside. In addition, freshly prepared fish is rich in valuable fatty acids and minerals that are essential for the body to function properly. For those who want to feel the sea climate without having to leave home, we recommend fresh fish from our establishment. This taste is a classic in itself!

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